Nokia 500 Ringer/Buzzer/HandsFree Speaker Problem Solution

Here's another solution for Nokia 500 speaker problem. Previously we show you the earpiece speaker problem solution, this time we got the buzzer speaker part to tackle with.
In this solution shows the connection line paths of the Nokia 500 IHF speaker and its components.
You can use this to troubleshoot if the there is no any audio can be heard over the speaker, like ringtones, music and in loud hands free mode. You may locate the components that I highlighted on below picture and check that certain area for possible damages might occurred. The speaker is replaceable and fixing this kind of problem was not  that much hard enough. This problem may only sometimes happens if the device suffered wet damaged and or accidentally heavily dropped.

GsmAngel Nokia 500 Speaker Problem Solution
View in larger image

Hints to fix Nokia 500 IHF Speaker problem:
1. Check the IHF speaker assembly for possible damaged and or misaligned. Use a multimeter to check i, replace if already busted.
2. If the speaker is okay, check and clean the speaker terminal contact pads. Corrosion might weakened and loosen the connection.
3. Trace the speaker+ and speaker- connection to each certain components where it is being connected. 
4. Check and replace the filter capacitor and resistor components.
5. If the above method doesn't fix the problem, the possible defective part is the GAZOO chip.
Reworking or replacing  it might only fix the problem, but that tasks needs a good soldering skills. So, don't touch that chip if you have not enough knowledge in reballing a ball grid array (BGA) chips.  Particularly that IC for it also holds as the power integrator of the whole circuit.

That's it., Enjoy!
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Nokia 500 Earpiece Speaker Problem Solution

This solution covers for Earpiece Speaker problem on Nokia 500 with a 3.2 inches display, TFT capacitive touchscreen phone and  runs in Symbian Anna OS. If somehow when the speaker goes wrong and no indication of any audio can be heard over the speaker during when a call has made. This may sometimes happens due from like wet or water damages, and any accidental damaged  that might cause the speaker stop working.

This solution provides some simple hints on how to fix it, just take a minute to analyze and locate the speaker parts and the entire connection on the PCB board as shown on the solution image below.

Gsmangel Nokia 500 Earpiece Speaker Jumper Solution
GsmAngel Nokia 500 Earpiece Speaker Repair Solution
Hints in troubleshooting Nokia 500 Earpiece Speaker

1. Start to check with Speaker assembly, it is located at the top of the board behind the LCD screen.
2. Check for possible corrosion build ups, speaker terminal bending. Clean it including the speaker terminal pads or aligned it again if either the connection might be weak. 
3. Check the speaker using a multimeter. Set the tester to X1 and check if there is crackling sound can be heard and the tester responds. If no indication of anything, the speaker is already burned out or damaged. Replace it at once.
4. If the speaker is okay, and still there is no sound can be heard, check the firmware. Update it or do re-flash.
5. If the problem still exists, the possible faulty is the GAZOO ASIC chip. The only solution for that is to rework or replace it if necessary and that's need a good soldering skills to do it.
Warning: If you do not have much skills on how to to re-ball or install a BGA chip, just leave it to the experts. Attempting to touch that chip without expertise will cause the phone dead in no time.

Nokia X7-00 Handsfree Speaker No Audio Problem Solution

Here's the solution for Nokia X7-00 in fixing handsfree speaker no audio problem. The Nokia X7-00 has two handsfree speakers located at the bottom left and right corners of the device. If something went wrong like if there is no sounds can be heard if the handsfree or loudspeaker is being activated, this solution might help for your repair.

Hints in troubleshooting Nokia X7-00 not working handsfree speaker problem.
You may start by manually checking the two speakers using a multimeter tester.
Check the filter coils, for possible damaged, clean the surroundings including the speaker terminal pads if oxidized found.
Trace the connection line paths between the speaker terminal pads to each filter coils where it is being connected.
View larger picture here.

If the first attempt of those methods above doesn't fix the speaker audio problem. The next option is to work on the Audio Codec IC. You may check the VBAT 3.7v across the filter inductor coil, this is the supply voltage to make the Audio IC work.  If the voltage is okay, check all the surrounding components of the Audio chip.

View the larger picture here

 Rework the Audio Codec IC and then replace if necessary. However, if the problem still exists, there are two options which can be suspected as became faulty - its either the ASIC (Power IC) or the CPU. But working this chips needs a great soldering skills, so if you don't have guts to do it, just ask an assistance to your head technician on duty.


Nokia X7-00 shows 'Charger Not Supported' error repair solution

Here's the guide on how to fix the Nokia X7-00 that shows "Charger not supported" error when the battery charger is being plug-in. This solution below shows the so-called BTEMP 47K resistor in Nokia X7-00 devices that mostly known by technicians that if being damaged will result to Charger Not Supported problem. This is another not charging problem issues but with a different method on how to fix it.

Nokia X7-00 charger not supported problem solution
You can view the larger image here. Just locate that component mounted at the side of the PCB board and replace it. Some problems may also cause by a battery connector, so ensure that the battery terminal are also okay, before attempting to replace it.

Nokia X7-00 Not Charging Problem Solution

Here's the Nokia X7-00 Solution for Not Charging Problem on the USB pin connector. This may help if the phone suffered wet damaged and resulted to no charging indication when the wall charger is plug-in.

Before proceeding, ensure that the battery and the battery charger are in good working condition.
- Check all the components shown on the image below, you may start by checking the USB pin connector.
- Then the fuse, diode, capacitors and filter coil for possible open or short circuit.
- Trace each of the connection line paths from USB pins down to the components where it is directly connected.
Nokia X7-00 Charging jumper ways
Nokia X7-00 Charging components
view larger image here

Now, if happens if the above parts were already been checked and seems all were okay, the next step is to determine if the battery sense resistor is working fine. see the image below.
You can check around 5V across on the R2200 resistor when the charger is plug-in. That resistor has a 10mOhms, you may replace it if found damaged.
Nokia x7-00 Not charging repair guide
view larger image here
The final option is working on the EM-IC (Power IC) if the above procedures doesn't solved the charging problem. You may try to rework first the ASIC chip, then replace if necessary and or after reworking on it doesn't still fix the problem.


Nokia X7-00 Display Problem Solution

Here's a troubleshooting hints for Nokia X7-00 LCD Display problem such as blank display or no display at all and otherwise a corrupted or garbled display. This solution may help you for easy repair procedures.

Note: This only works if you can still hear something on the phone like tones, incoming alerts and not on a white screen problem or hang up on white screen situation.

The quick step to fix display problem, is that you have to verify a working LCD, just replace the LCD screen module at once just to ensure that the LCD is working or not and then proceed to hardware troubleshooting after confirming that the LCD is still fine. Just locate the highlighted components shows on figure solution picture below and do have a careful check up on each one of them one by one.
nokia x7-00 display problem repair guide
view larger image here.

- Check the display pin connector, clean it, rework or re-solder it if necessary.
- Check the capacitors and coils, replace if necessary, and then check the VBAT voltage and the VIO voltage on it. Those are the supply voltages for the display
- Check the two DSI line choke filters
- If those parts above already checked and seems nothing wrong, the problem possibly exist on the Display UI chip. Reworking or replacing it will only fix the display problem

For damaged or lifted display pin connector or due to wet or water damaged, here's the tracing guide if you might think that the problem lies on a broken display signal line paths.
Nokia X7-00 diplay pin connector jumper ways
view larger image here.

So, hope this helps you in fixing display problem on Nokia X7-00.


Nokia C2-03 LCD Back Light LED Problem Solution

Okay, due to some folks requesting this solution, here comes the Nokia C2-03 LCD screen display backlight LED problem solution.  We already have the keypad light solution posted here, so this gonna be a continuation of the white backlight LED troubleshooting for Nokia C2-03. This will also work on C2-06 and C2-08 a dual SIM card slider phone.

Since Nokia C2-03 is a slider phone and used a UI flex (flexible ribbon cable), that is use to connect the LCD screen display from the main PCB board. Now in fixing backlight problem on the display, we must always consider that the flex is vulnerable and may cause the problem.

Here' how to troubleshoot the Nokia C2-03 backlight LED problem:
For quick fix, on minor problem like if the phone status shows no indication of being wet by any liquid, free of oxidation build up or the PCB board is still clean.
- Check the Flex ribbon cable wire.. replace if damaged.
- Check/ try to replace the LCD screen, the white LED's on it may already been busted.

This figure shows the connection line paths of the backlight LED's on Nokia C2-03 UI flex cable. There are two white LED's also mounted on both sides of the top part of the flex.  This two LED's were also connected to the inner backlight LED's of the LCD screen.
Take note: the LCD's backlight  is also connected in parallel circuit like the two LED's on the flex - meaning if that two LED's was still able to light up but not on the LCD, it means that the LCD's backlight LED is already busted. So check that out...

Nokia c2-03 display Light jumper ways on flex ribbon cable
View in larger image.

The Nokia C2-03 backlight driver components.
In this figure shows the detailed components or parts that is called "LED driver circuit".
This will cause the display backlight loss if one of these components being damaged and or each of its connection line paths breakdowns. This circuit may only damaged if the device suffered wet or water damaged that resulted into oxidation build ups and then caused a short or open circuit.
Nokia c2-03 display Light jumper ways
view the larger image .

So, check out these parts:
- Clean these components surface if necessary.
- Check each of the filter coils first. Replace if found damaged.
-  Trace the VLED and VBAT_BB connection line paths - point to point to the corresponding capacitors, filter coils and including down to the Flex pin connector.

Nokia C7-00 Touchscreen Pin Connector Jumper Ways for Lifted and Wet Damaged Solution

If you are looking and having trouble finding where to put a jumper if the touchscreen pin connector is already gone or lifted due to water water damaged on Nokia C7-00. This solution might help you to ease out your hard time finding where to solder a jumper wire on it just to fix a touchscreen not working problem.

This solution exactly shows the connection line paths of the touchscreen pin connector of the Nokia C7-00 PCB board layout. You may only need to check its corresponding pinouts if the connection were already cut-off or have an open circuit, then solder a jumper on it, for it is only the options. 

nokia c7 touchscreen pin jumper ways solution by Gsmangel
Nokia C7-00 Touchscreen Pin Connector Jumper Solution
view larger image here:

Jut also check out all the corresponding components where the particular pins is connected for it will also cause the problem if already damaged or corroded. The two coils are for the touchscreen supply voltages 1.8V and 2.8V , the corresponding resistors are for the touch screen data signal filters which has a rated value of 100ohms each. So, that's it and hope this helps to you on fixing Nokia C7-00 touchscreen problem.


Nokia C2-03 Keypad Light LED Problem Solution

In this solution we show you the Nokia C2-03 keypad LED light components which is useful to fix when the  keypad LED failed to work. There are two white LED light used in in illuminating the keypads, it may also get damaged due by water, wet or cause by oxidation build ups.

The solution below shows the connection line paths of the two white LED's which is more convenient in tracing broken spots. It also shows which nearby particular components it is being connected or part of the keypad back lighting circuit.

Here's the some hints that may preferably help fix in troubleshooting Nokia C2-03 keypad back light failure. 

1. Check the whole area and surrounding components for the keypad white LED for possible damaged, cracks, oxidation etc. Clean it first if necessary.
2. Check both of the two LED's using a multimeter. Replaced if already damaged.
3. If the LED's light are still working check the (VBAT 3.7V) battery voltage line paths.

Nokia c2-03 keypad light jumper ways
Nokia C2-03,C2-06,C2-08 Keypad light problem Solution
4. Check each of the LED's positive and negative connections.
5. Check the  connected resistors and coils, re-solder or replace if damaged
6. Check the LED driver transistors. Re-work or replace if necessary.
View larger picture here.

This solution may also works on Nokia C2-06 and Nokia C2-08 since they both similar PCB board layout with Nokia C2-03 a Dual SIM card built in capability and a slider phone.


Nokia C2-03 White Screen, No LCD Screen Display Problem Solution

This solution covers to fix Display problem for Nokia C2-03, C2-06 and C2-08 Dual SIM card slider phone. These are just simple hints on how to troubleshoot display problems such as white screen, empty or black screen. I'm referring display problem that you may still hear an audio from the device like welcome tone, alert tones or ringtones., and this solution covers for hardware troubleshooting only.

Some white screen are cause by a firmware failure. So, if you may try to figure it out either you will do a software or hardware calibration do things as follows.
Power up the device, observe if you can still hear any welcome tone. Try to send message or call the phone and see if the alert or ringtones is still in there. If you do can still hears it, then the problem is on hardware failure, If there is no response at all and just stock in white screen then the problem lies on firmware.

How to fix Nokia C2-03 White screen and other display problems such as blue screen, blank or empty screens.

If you try to fix firmware problem, simply flash the phone to it's original firmware version. The firmware version for Nokia C2-03 is RM-702.

If you do have hardware problem, follow the simple hints below.
1) Check the flex and LCD pin to pin connections, ensure that it is properly in good contact. A weak or loosen contacts will cause the display problem.
2) Check the LCD screen for possible damaged or cracked. If you ain't sure better have a extra LCD at hand just for a quick test.
3) Check the flex ribbon cable for possible damaged. Since Nokia C2-03 is  a slider phone, the possibility of display problem is cause by flex failure.
4) If both the flex and LCD were already confirmed working and okay. You may then proceed in troubleshooting certain components on the Nokia C2-03 PCB board.
5) See the solution below, check the highlighted components surrounding, clean it if there is an oxidation spotted.
Nokia C2-03 White Screen display solution
View larger image here.
6) Check each of the display filter components, do rework, resolder or replace it. 
This solution may also works on Nokia C2-06 and Nokia C2-08 dual SIM card phones, because both are the same as of Nokia C2-03 PCB board.