Nokia 5000, 5000D keypad solutions- keypads ways

Here's the solution guide to fix Nokia 5000 keypad malfunction. In this picture guide its shows the keypads tracing line paths (keypad ways). This repair solution may help if the keypads membrane is okay but the keypads keys does not work or failed to initiate.
This also shows the 5000 keypad IC jumper ways, for temporarily test procedure before replacing with a new keypad filter IC spare parts. Just follow the colored lines on the picture  to trace each corresponding lines across the keypad pin connector socket on the main PCB board.

nokia 5000 keypad IC jumper ways
The Nokia 5000 power ON-OFF switch key line is connected to the pin number 9, while the 5000 keypad LED backlight is on pin 12 and 13, then the rest left for ground lines of the keypad pin connector .