Nokia X6 No Network Signal Reception problem solution - hardware repair

Here's the solution that may help and guide to repair Nokia X6 having a No Network Signal reception. If ever tried to  restore and update the device firmware but nothing happens, this solution shows the corresponding  RF circuit of Nokia X6 PCB board that might something wrong, faulty or being damaged.

Nokia X6 No Network Signal problem solution
nokia X6 No signal solution
Repair Tips:
1. Apply and supply voltage to the PCB board using desired DC regulated power supply voltage of 3.7 volts. Check the supply voltage from the cellphone's battery through to the corresponding components highlighted in red color, these are battery supply voltage filter coils that being feeds to RF circuit components. IF there are no voltage readings on that areas, check the continuity of the battery positive terminal on that certain parts. Apply jumper if the line is cut or open. check also the filter coils and replace if found damaged.
2. Check and measure the secondary voltage output from the RF DC to DC converter chip highlighted in orange color. If there is no voltage readings on that spots, rework or replace the DC to DC converter IC.
3. Check or replace the Clock crystal oscillator. (VCTXO)
4. Rework or replace RF Power Ampilifier IC (PA)
5. Rework or replace Front End Module IC (FEM)
6. Rework or  replace Radio Frequency IC (RF IC)