Nokia 7230 White Screen, Blue Screen and Black Screen LCD Display Problem Solution

This solution may used to troubleshoot and repair a damaged Nokia 7230 that result Display problem issues like white screen, blue screen, blank or black screen, garbled and saturated screen displays that is not due to LCD Screen Display Module problem.
This solution may possibly help fix and repair Nokia 7230 after ensuring that the LCD screen display module is working okay and or already tried installing it a new replacement spare LCD module.

Nokia 7230 Display Problem Repair Solution
nokia 7230 display jumper ways and tracks
The solution above shows the Line tracing spots from the LCD flex pin connector to a certain components On Nokia 7230 PCB Board. You may check and trace this line tracks and check the corresponding components connected to it. If all the line tracks is okay. You may then suspect that the application processor or CPU is faulty or being damaged.
Please take note that handling CPU IC is  complicated and needs expertise, so observed extra precautions.