Nokia 1280 no network signal (drops) solution

Here's the solution for hardware related Nokia 1280 with a No network signal problem.
The solution below shows the RF circuit of Nokia 1280 that holds the device for intercepting Network Data signal transmission. If this said circuit get damaged or become faulty due to wet or water damaged and accidentally dropped, this will result to network signal lost.

Refer to the solution to locate the RF circuit components where it is being mounted on Nokia 1280 PCB board.

Nokia 1280 No Network Signal Problem Solution
nokia 1280 No Signal PA IC jumper ways

The highlighted layout of components showed on the solution above indicates some hints where you will be able to have a check and fix the Nokia 1280 No network coverage problem.
Before attempting to rework or replace the RF Amplifier Chip, ensure that the supply voltage and RF clock oscillator is working okay.