Nokia 1280 Not Charging Solution for charger no response problem

Here's the full solution for Nokia 1280 not charging problem such as charger no response or it shows no charging indication when a working charger is being plug-in.

The solution below shows the charging circuit of nokia 1280 that holds and protect the device during charging operation. If these said circuit components get damaged it results to charging problem issues. These components were composed of a chip fuse, chip diode, filter coil and capacitor.
Just refer to the solution below to locate where these said components being mounted on Nokia 1280 PCB board.

Nokia 1280 Not Charging Solution
nokia 1280 charging ways and jumper tracks
You may check each of the highlighted components above and replace if found damaged.
If the fuse and the diode were both okay, you may then proceed to check the corresponding connected components before it. There is a voltage regulator transistor just near to the battery terminal that is also holds the Nokia 1280 charging circuit.