Nokia 2730c full MMC memory card problem solution

Here's a full Nokia 2730c  MMC memory card problem solution that can be used to fix and repair nokia 2730c microSD memory card problems such as memory card not detected or memory card corrupted.

In some cases solving the MMC problem by only replacing the MMC controller chip might not work or does not solved the problem.This solution shows the MMC memory card circuit including the memory card transceiver chip voltage supply line paths for further MMC hardware troubleshooting on Nokia 2730c.
 IF these said supply voltages were not present or being cut-off this will also result to MMC problem.

Nokia 2730c MMC memory card problem solution 
nokia 2730c MMC IC jumper ways

You may need to check all those corresponding supply voltage line paths before attempting to rework or replace the MMC transceiver IC.