Nokia 5700 Xpressmusic Bluetooth Solution

Here's the solution  that covers for Nokia 5700 Bluetooh Problem that shows "unable to perform bluetooth operation" when switching on the bluetooth on the device.

If encountered this kind of problem you may try to restore the flash firmware first before doing any hardware troubleshooting attempt. 
The solution below show the spots where to start and do test and check up procedures in particular components that is connected to the bluetooth circuit on Nokia 5700 PCB board.

Nokia 5700 unable to perform bluetooth operation solution
nokia 5700 Bluetooth Solution
The solution above shows the three supply voltage that being feeds to the Bluetooth IC module. You may first trace and check this supply voltages before attempting to replace the bluetooth chip.
Rework the bluetooth IC first and then inplace it back, if the problem still exists , you may necessarily need to replace the bluetooth module chip.