Nokia C7 Insert SIM Card Problem Solution - Flex Jumper Tracks

This solution may help solved and fix Nokia C7 with Insert SIM Card problem, for it shows the connection line paths of Nokia C7 sim card circuit.

The solution provides an easy quick view of how the SIM connection circuit being mounted or assembled on Nokia C7 PCB board. In this solution you can easily trace teh SIM connector line paths and check the the corresponding components connected to it.

Nokia C7 insert SIM card solution with jumper ways
nokia C7 Insert Sim card jumper ways tracks
The Nokia C7 pin connector is being assembled on another flex board. You may need to try to replace the SIM connector flex board first if it is already damaged. The SIM connector  pin connection on the flex board is also shown on the solution above just in-case having problem finding the replacement for it, you can used it to track each connection line paths if trying to just mend or apply jumper to it.

For further and deeper troubleshooting if the SIM flex board is okay, you may then proceed to check the particular components that holds or connected to sim card circuit. Check also each corresponding line paths, supply voltage and ground line connections.
If both all the line paths is working well and also already tried installing a new SIM flex board but the insert sim card problem still exist. Reworking the power IC (GAZOO) might solved and fix the nokia C7 insert sim card problem. Hope this solution may help.