Nokia E90 Mic, microphone solution -Jumper Ways and Tracks

Here's  the solution for Nokia E90 (MIC) microphone or mouthpiece problem. This solution shows the connection line paths that needs to check or can be used as a guide where to put or apply a jumper wire if the microphones PCB terminal solder pads is already lifted or missing.

If encountered these problem on nokia e90, you may need to replace the Digimic  module (digital microphone).
But before that you may first check and trace the microphones supply voltage and clock line paths.
The solution below shows the particular spots or components where to start or check these corresponding connections on Nokia E90 microphone's circuit

Nokia E90 Mic, mrophone or mouthpiece repair solution
nokia e90 mic jumper ways and tracks

Just follow the spots where to check and test the microphone's supply voltage and audio clock signal is is feeds from the power and audio IC (Avilma), the microphone's data signal is feed to the application processor(RAPIDO).
If all the line paths is all okay you may then proceed in replacing the digital microphone module.