Nokia X3 camera hardware operation failed solution

Here;s the solution for Nokia X3 Camera Operation problem. This solution shows the possible caused that the camera will unable to perform operation due to some open and faulty components on the PCB board.

The solution below shows us where and what particular components we need to check in troubleshooting nokia X3 camera problem.

Nokia X3 Camera Operation Failed Solution

If encountered such camera problem, you may need to check the supply voltages of the camera module first, if this supply voltages is open or cut, just find a way to reconnect the line paths.
Try also to replace or install a new Camera Module.
If these camera supply voltages is not present or can't be read using a multimeter there is a possibility that the Pearl IC is faulty, and also if all the supply voltage line paths and camera module is okay, you may need to rework the pearl IC or replace if necessary.