Nokia 5630 Bluetooth Operation Failed Problem Solution

Here's a solution for Nokia 5630 Xpressmusic bluetooth problem, like unable to turn on the bluetooth operation or bluetooth operation failure. This solution provides some simple hints on how to fix and repair such kind of problem on the phone.

Before doing any hardware troubleshooting, you may first try to restore, flash or update the device firmware, then proceed to hardware repair after ensuring that it is not related to software problem .  Just refer to this solution below and locate this particular components on the on 5630 PCB board layout, and then do some check up and replacement procedures.

Nokia 5630 Bluetooth Problem Solution
nokia 5630 bluetooth operation failed repair solution

 The circuit called "bluetooth RF clock", (showed on the top of the picture) this is a frequency signal feeds from the RF (radio frequency) circuit through to the bluetooth module.
You may first check those components and replace with the same values as indicated on the solution above if found faulty or damaged.A failure of these components also results to bluetooth problem.
If those components seems okay, the next option is by reworking the bluetooth chip module or replace it if necessary.