Nokia 2220s Charge Ways - Not Charging Solution

This is the Nokia 2220 slide Solution for Not charging problem or it shows no charging indication when the battery charger is plug-in.  The solution below shows the charging connection line paths which can be used for easy troubleshooting or repair the nokia 2220s charging problem.

For Charger No Response or Indication problem, you may first check the charging pin connector for possible damaged, bended or lifted pin solder pads. The center pin holds the positive voltage of the charger and the side pin which is for the negative or ground lines.

Then check the fuse and the and the diode, replace if found damaged.

Nokia 2220s Charging Problem Solution
nokia 2220s Charging jumper ways picture

If the Device show Not Charging Error, the problem may possibly lies on the UEMCLITE chip. Reworking or replacing it may only fix the problem. There is also other problems such as fake charging which is the device shows charging indication but it doesn't stored on the battery. And then the Charger Not Supported problem which is also I have included the solution for that problem on nokia 2220 slide. Just look for it on the Nokia 2220 slide labels at the side or bottom of this page.