Nokia 2220s Insert SIM Card Solution with Filter IC Jumper Ways

Here's a full solution for Nokia 2220s with "Insert SIM Card Error" problem, This may help to fix the phone if it does not accept or detect any working SIM card inserted to it.

To fix this problem you may consider this procedures below:
First check and try to restore and update the device firmware.
Clean and check the Sim card pin connectors for possible damaged and oxidization build ups.
If the procedures above does not fix the problem, you may then proceed to hardware troubleshooting. Refer to the solution below and do have a check and test procedure on some components on Nokia 2220s PCB board.
Nokia 2220slide Insert SIM Card Error Solution.
nokia 2220s SIm card pin jumper ways tracks

The SIM circuit of nokia 2220s used a SIM EMI-ESD filter IC. (also known as glass or crystal IC). IF this chip breakdown, faulty or damaged, it will result to 2220s Insert SIM card error problem.
You may first check the SIM card supply voltage (VSIM) and ground pins line paths before attempting to replace the SIM filter IC.
If the VSIM and the SIM filter IC seems working or already tried replacing it, but the problem still exist;
There is also a possibility that a SIM card error problem on Nokia 2220s is caused by a faulty UEM.
Reworking, or replacing it might only fix the insert Sim card error problem on Nokia 2220 slide.