Nokia 2220s Slider Full Keypad Problem Solution

Here's a solution for nokia 2220s "keypad not working problem", this solution shows the entire keypad matrix line tracks and connection circuit of nokia 2020 slide for easy tracing and troubleshooting keypad problem or failed to respond.

A slider phone like Nokia 2220 slide, the Navigation keys like soft left, soft right, select, up, down, left, right, send and end keys were assembled and isolated through a flexible cable wire, so if one or all of this keys ain't work or doesn't work  you may then check the flex cable first or try installing it with a new replacement one.
The Numeric keys like 1, 2 ,3 ,4 ,5 ,6 ,7 ,8 9, *,0 and # were all assembled on the main PCB board.so

Nokia 2220 slide keypad solution
nokia 2220s keypad IC jumper ways and line tracks
The nokia 2220 slide keypad connection used an ESD-EMI filter located or mounted near the LCD flex pin connector. The numeric keys like (*)asterisk,(0)or space and the # sign is connected with a filter coils, mounted at the bottom part of the nokia 2220s PCB board.