Nokia 2690 keypad Light Problem Jumper Ways Solution

Here' the Nokia 2690 hardware repair solution for not working keypad light problem. This solution shows the connection line paths of the keypad light for easy jumper if needed.

To fix the not working keypad Light, you may first check the two LED's using  the multimeter. The LED's is connected via series connection so therefore if there is one LED is busted the other one will not light up too. So replace it if found damaged.

If the two keypad light seems both working, you may refer to the solution below and do some test and check up procedure on some components highlighted on the image.

Nokia 2690 keypad Light Problem Jumper Ways (Tracks)
nokia 2690 keypad light jumper ways
 You may then trace where the supply voltage of the keypad LED is being connected and check those components. There are filter coils and a resistors connected unto it. Replace it, if found damaged.
The LED Driver chip also holds for the LCD display backlight. if the LCD's light is also been affected, you may consider that the problem lies on the LED driver chip.
You may first check the filter coil and the voltage supply (3.8 battery voltage) across to it., before trying to replace it.