Nokia 2690 Mic Problem Complete Jumper Ways Solution

Here's the Nokia 2690 Solution for not working mic problem. This solution below shows the complete connection tracks of the microphone that can be used for deeper microphone problem troubleshooting.

To fix or repair mic problem on Nokia 2690,  you may first check the microphone module using a multimeter or replace it with a new one to securely confirm that the microphone is still working or not damaged.
If the Microphone is okay, clean the mic's terminal contact pads. Refer to the solution below and do some check and test procedures.

Nokia 2690 Mic Problem Repair Solution

nokia 2690 MIC jumper ways on IC solution
Trace The MIC's  positive connection ( the inner core layer) down to the filter coil and then check also the filter coil and the ESD protection diode. Replace if necessary. Check also the Mic's grounding lines ( outer core layer).
If the mic module is okay and the filter components already been replaced but still the problem occurred.
The problem then may  possibly lies on AVILMA IC. Reheat it adequately.  if it doesn't help, rework it and then  replace if necessary. This option may only help fix the Nokia 2690 not working mic problem.