Nokia E72 Keypad Problem Filter IC Jumper Ways Solution

Here's the  Nokia E72 solution for keypad problem like most of its keypad keys is not working and only few works or responding.

This solution may help fix the problem especially when you already tried replacing the  keypad flex matrix but still the keypad doesn't work.
The following solution shows the entire connection line paths of the keypad filter IC from the keypad flex pin connector for easy check up and troubleshooting procedures.

Nokia E72 Keypad Not Working Problem solution with keypad filter IC jumper ways
nokia E72 keypad crystal glass IC jumper ways

The solution above shows the keypad connection line paths within the two keypad filter IC deeper keypad problem troubleshooting on Nokia E72.
The two keypad filter IC is mounted just near the keypad pin connector, you may need to replace these filter chips if the keypad doesn't work, especially when the device suffered wet or water damage.