Nokia 5320 Power ON-OFF Switch Jumper Ways

This solution can be used as a remedy to repair a damaged power ON-OFF push button switch on Nokia 5320 Xpressmusic., most particularly on a damaged or lifted terminal solder pads on the PCB board. This solution may also only works if the phone shows charging indication when the battery charger is plug-in but unable to TURN ON while pressing the powerswitch button.

Just refer to the solution below and follow some step by step procedures on how to diagnose the power switch problem

Nokia 5320 Power ON-OFF Switch Connection Tracks
nokia 5320 Power Switch Jumper repair Picture

Repair hints for Power Switch problem on Nokia 5320 Xpressmusic:
1. Check the power switch assembly, if the assembly is damaged replace the switch.
     Sometimes even if the powerswitch is not not visually damaged, see to it that it still working by using a   
2. For lifted button switch solder terminal pads on the PCB board, manage to re-establish the switch to its original position and bond it perfectly so that it won't easily break. Then manage to reconnect the power switch line paths and the ground connection. If you can see an empty components solder pads just below of it,  you can connect it to that spot. that is also connected to the power switch.
3.  The most harder part on power switch troubleshooting is by removing the  AVILMA IC and trace its connection from the solder ball bump (D9) to the power switch terminal, The rework or reball the AVILMA again. If you get into this level, this may take an extra expertise on soldering techniques. So goodluck!