Nokia C3-01,C3-01m LCD Display Problem Solution, ESD/EMI Filter IC Jumper Ways

This solution may help to fix the  Nokia C3-01 touch and type display problem like, blank, blue screen,white screen, garbled or saturated LCD screen displays. This solution may works if you already tried replacing a new LCD screens but the display problem still occurs. 

In white screen problem like there is no welcome tone, or any sounds can be heard on the phone, you may work at software or firmware flashing, this also be done on blue screen problems.
If the white screen displays but you can still hear a tones on the device, this may work as well.
On Nokia C3-01 there are two ESD/EMI filter IC used in the circuit, once if being faulty due  to a water or wet damaged, it will result to a display problem situation.

Nokia C3-01 Display Problem Solution
nokia C3-01 Display IC jumper ways

Hints in troubleshooting Nokia C3-01 Display problem:
1. Try to replace the LCD screen module.
2. Try to restore, flash update the phones firmware. Its RM 640 for C3-01 and RM 662 for C3-01m
3. Check/clean the LCD pin connector.
4. Check read the VAUX 2.78V and VIO 1.8V, and the components like the capacitor and filter coil on it.
5.  Replace the EMI/ESD filter IC's,