Nokia C3 LCD Display Backlight LED problem Jumper ways solution

Here's the Nokia C3 Solution for LCD screen display light problem that result and shows a dark screen display. The following solution shows which particular components needs to be check for hardware repairs or troubleshooting procedures.

Locate each highlighted components on  Nokia C3 PCB board layout, and do a visual check up first. Check those components for possible damaged.

Nokia C3 LCD Screen Display White LED Problem Solution
Nokia C3 Display light problem jumper ways

Here's some simple hints on how to fix the Nokia C3 Display illuminating white backlight LED not working problem:
1.Try to replace the LCD screen module.
2. Check/clean the LCD pin connector if oxidized.
4. Trace each positive( display LED+) and negative (display LED-) connection line paths.
5. If the keypad white LED bulb is also not working, Check replace the inductor coil and 0 ohms resistor.
6. Check the 3.8V VBAT (battery voltage) across the ) 0 ohms resistor and inductor coil.
7. Check/ replace the surrounding connected components such as resistors and capacitors.
8. Rework/replace the LED Driver IC.
9. The Display Illuminating white LED is controlled by the PEARL IC, If the above procedures doesn't work, the problem may possibly lies on the PEARL chip. Reworking or replacing it might only fix the display light problem.