Nokia C5 Camera not working problem, hardware failure solution

This is Nokia C5 solution for camera not working problems. this simple solution provides the basic steps on how to troubleshoot and fix the camera if it doesn't work. This may only works for hardware failure issues.
There are firmware problems, For hang ups and setting problems like in panorama mode to take a picture, the red box didn't move at all, only it showed green arrows on the both sides,
You may need to restore, flash update the device firmware first before using this solution.Once the firmware confirmed okay therefore the problem lies on hardware failure.

Nokia C5 camera problem solution

nokia C5 Camera problem solution
Repair hints for not working camera on Nokia C5:
1. Remove the camera module, clean the socket or holder pins if oxidized.
2. Check the VCAM 1.8V and 2.8V on across to the highlighted filter coils and capacitors. Check/replace also those coils.
3. If the voltage is missing or there is no readings, check the VBAT 3.8 volts
4. If the VBAT voltage is okay, replace the regulator IC on a specific voltage that has no readings.
5. Replace the camera module