Nokia C5 Memory Card Not Detected Problem Solution

Her's the solution for Nokia C5 Memory card not detected problem and it only shows "Insert memory card or memory card is not inserted" even a working microSD memory card is already properly inserted to it.

This solution we created below will show us the details on which components needs to check to fix the problem.
Just refer to it follow some simple hints we provide.

Nokia C5 MMC microSD Not detected, insert memory card error problem solution

Nokia C5 Memory card not detected repair manual
Troubleshooting hints for Nokia C5 memory card problem:
1. Try to use and replace another working microSD card.
2. Clean the microSD card holder if oxidized.
3. Check the VMEM voltage this reads from 1.8v to 3V.
4. Check replace the 47 ohms resistors and 18p and 100n capacitors.
5. If the above procedures didn't work, try to restore, flash update the device firmware.
6. If the firmware is okay. the possible faulty is the GAZOO IC. Reworking or replacing it will only fix the problem.