Nokia E5 Insert SIM Card Problem Solution

Here's the solution for Nokia E5 with Insert Sim card error related problems such as "sim card not inserted or insert Sim card", this solution may help fix the Nokia E5 if it doesn't detect or accept any sim card module inserted to it.

The solution below provides and shows the Sim card circuit connection of the E5 phone and quickly tells us which particular or certain components needs to check during troubleshooting procedures.

Nokia E5 Insert Sim Card Error Problem Solution

Nokia E5 Insert SIM card jumper ways tracks
In Nokia E5 the sim card operational circuit is controlled by the GAZOO IC. You may first check, clean the SIM card connector pins, then try to replace the highlighted components such as the capacitors and resistors.
Check the VSIM ( sim card supply voltage) and ground pin line paths.
If all of the said components is okay, but the problem continues. The problem may possibly lies on a GAZOO chip. Reheating or reworking it might only fix the problem. And then replace if necessary.