Nokia E5 LCD Display Light Problem, DarK Screen Solution

This solution may possibly help fix the Nokia E5 Display light problem.  This kind of problem  shows a dark screen displays on the LCD because a lack of illuminating backlight LED on the back of the LCD screen.
This may happen if the phone suffered wet or water damaged, accidentally dropped by the users.

Just refer to the solution below and locate the primary components that needs to be check first.

Nokia E5 Display Light Jumper Ways - connection track

Nokia E56 dsiplay light problem jumper ways
Troubleshooting hints on Nokia E5 LCD display light problem:
1. First try to replace the LCD screen display module.
2. Check the LCD pin connector, clean, re-solder it if necessary.
3. Check/read the VBAT voltage across the inductor coil, check the inductor coil too, replace if found damaged.
4. Trace the connection line paths of VLED-, VLED+ and the switching line.
5. Check/ replace the resistors near the LED driver IC.
6. Rehot, rework or replace the LED driver IC.