Nokia E5 MIC Problem Solution

Here we show the solution for Nokia E5 MIC, microphone or mouthpiece problem. This solution may help fix if the Mic doesn't work properly or does not work at all on Nokia E5.

Just refer to the solution below for it shows the primary component  on Nokia E5 PCB board which need to check or replace if necessary. 

Nokia E5 MIC Problem Repair Solution
Nokia E5 Mic jumper ways
Repair hints for Nokia E5 MIC not working problem:
1. Check the two 0 ohms resistors near the battery connector and the 100 ohms near the RAPIDO IC,. replace if damaged. 
2.  Check/replace the capacitors.
3. Check the MIC supply voltage (VDIGIMIC).
4. If all of the said components above is OK,. Replace the 5 pin digital microphone.
5. If the problem still persist, rework the GAZOO IC. 

Hope this help... Enjoy!