Nokia C3-01 Buzzer, Hands Free Loud Speaker Problem Solution

Here's the Nokia C3-01 Solution for Not working buzzer speaker problem or can't here anything like tones, ringtones, mp3 music and incoming voice calls on the phone.
 This solution may only works after you  already confirmed that the IHF speaker is okay or already tried replacing it,. Cleaning up the speaker terminal pads on the PCB board.
Just refer to the solution below and do have a check up on the highlighted components, these component holds for buzzer speaker audio.

Nokia c3-01 buzzer, ringer speaker problem jumper ways solution

Repair hints for Nokia C3-01 Buzzer speaker problem:
1. Check/replace the IHF speaker.
2. Clean the Speaker terminal contact pads on the PCB board.
3. Check all the filter coils. replace if necessesary.
4. Trace the Speaker+ and Speaker- line paths, mend to reconnect if found open or cut.
5. Check the VBAT 3.7V across the Inductor coil and 0 ohms resistor.
6. Check/replace the inductor coil and 0 resistor.
7. Rework/replace the Audio controller IC.

Happy Fools Day! to all but this solution is not fooling you around. Enjoy!