Nokia C3-01 MIC, Microphone Problem Solution

This is another  simple solution for Nokia C3-01 Microphone mouthpiece not working problem. The Nokia C3-01 used a 5 pins digital microphone in the printed circuit board (PCB). A you can easily find a replacement on it on another latest Nokia mobile phones that uses also the same 5 pins microphone.

Just refer to the solution below  if the said microphone on the device doesn't work.

nokia c3-01 mic jumper ways picture
Nokia C3-01 microphone problem solution

Repair hints for Noia C3-01 MIC problem:
1. Do a visual check on the highlighted components, clean it first if there is an oxidation build ups.
2. Check each of the 100 ohms resistors, replace if found damaged.
3. Check the 1.8V mic supply voltage, you can check this voltage during a self test on your flashing tool.
4. Replace the digital microphone module.
5. If the above solution won;t work, the possible faulty is either the power IC and CPU chips.