Nokia X3-02 Buzzer, Hands Free Speaker Jumper Ways Solution

This is another Nokia X3-02 solution for not working buzzer, ringer or hands free loud speaker problem. This solution may help if the problem does not lies on the IHF speaker or already tried replacing it, but still there is no tones or media sounds can be heard on the phone.

This solution provide and point out which components needs for check up if the speaker has no audio sound output. Just refer to it and locate the highlighted components.

Nokia X-02 IHF Speaker Failure Problem solution
nokia X3-02 buzzer speaker jumper ways tracks
If the speaker is already been confirmed okay, you may then check all of the filter coils in the circuit.
Check or read the battery supply voltage (VBAT)  on the 0 ohms resistor and inductor coil, this voltage supplies the IHF amflier IC to work. If the voltage is missing, check or replace the inductor coil and resistor.
If the supply voltage reading is okay, you may then try to rework the IHF amplifier IC, replace if necessary.