Nokia X3-02 MIC , Mouthpiece Microphone Problem Solution

This is the Nokia X3-02 solution for not working Microphone problem. This solution simply shows which basic components needs to check or then replace if the said microphone doesn't work.

The Nokia X3-02 used a 5 pin digital microphone (DIGIMIC), and is mounted at the bottom of the PCB board. Refer to the solution below and do have check and replacement procedures on the highlighted components. .

Nokia X3-02 MIC Problem  Solution
Nokia X3-02 Mic problem repair solution

Before replacing the microphone, you may first check the DIGIMIC supply voltage across to a 100ohms resistor. The other two 100 ohms resistors which is also for the data and clock of the digital microphone.
So, check each of these resistors value, then replace if found already damaged.
If the supply voltage reading is okay, and the three resistors are also good, replacing the digital microphone will be the next option.