Nokia X2-01 Keypad Connection Tracks and Filter IC Jumper Ways Solution

Well again here's a solution that may help fix Nokia X2-01 keypad not working problem. This solution provides and shows us the connection line paths of each QWERTY keys and navigation keys, which is easy for us to trace when there is/are certain keys that is not responding or working.

On Nokia X2-01 keypad matrix, the inner core and outer layer of each keys were highlighted in color, those color represent where and which group they being connected. The lower photo is the two keypad EMI filters which if damaged it will result a keypad malfunction on Nokia X2-01.

Here's some hints on how to fix Nokia X2-01 keypad not working problem:
1. Check the device firmware, try to re-flash or update.
2. If the device suffered wet damaged, clean the keypad matrix and the keypad membrane.
3. If there are only few keys that is not working, trace the connection between to the other keys...
4. If the connection seems okay, the last option is to check the Keypad filter IC's.
  Try to rework it first, check the solder ball bumps for possible damaged.. 
5. Replace the keypad filter IC.

Nokia X2-01 keypad IC jumper tracks picture
Nokia X2-01 Keypad Connection Tracks prepared by GsmAngel