Nokia X2-01 LCD Screen Display Problem Solution

This solution covers for Nokia X2-01 LCD screen Display Problem. The solution below will provide us some hints on how to fix the phone if the display goes like: white screen,  blue screen, blank screen, saturated or garbled screen display.

Hints o How to troubleshoot and fix  Nokia X2-01 display problem:
1. Check the LCd for possible damaged, cracked or broken. Replace if necessary.
2. Check the device firmware, and do a self test and calibration method. Update or flash the firmware if necessary it uses RM-709 firmware version..
3. Check the LCD pin connector for possible damaged. Clean, re-solder or replace if necessary.
4. Check the LCD supply voltages (VIO-1.8V, VAUX-2.8V) and ground pins.
5. If the above procedures doesn't fix the problem the possible faulty is the main engine IC.
Try to re-heat or rework it...
Nokia X2-01 LCD display jumper ways
Nokia X2-01 Display Problem Solution by GsmAngel